Our Vision

Our vision is to create community-based environments of care and opportunity to achieve lives free from poverty.

Our Mission

By providing; 

Shelter, Training, Agriculture, Nutrition, and Development, we empower people living in poverty to transform their lives, their children's futures and their communities. 

Our Values and Goals

We are a faith-based ministry that is dedicated to working with the world's most vulnerable population living in poverty. Although we believe that charity is not a long-term solution to end poverty, partnering with local groups and individuals is essential in developing sustainable communities. Accountability is important in all we do. 

Our Team


Dan Schat is the President of Stand as One Ministry. He is a registered nurse and currently teaches for the BCIT Emergency Speciality Nursing program. Dan is a professional member of Emergency Nursing Association. His past work experience includes management, education and multiple roles within healthcare.  His passion for helping others has influenced him to be involved in missions both locally and overseas. He also has spent many years coaching various sports and being a mentor for young adults.He has helped many of the world's poorest people by providing medical camps in developing countries. Dan loves spending time with his family and pursing many outdoor activities. 


Irene Schat is the Executive Director of Stand as One Ministry. In the past years, Irene has been working in various positions; non-profit private school, Credit Union, Christian child-care centre, and an international aid charity. Irene has taken many computer and accounting courses and has recently completed her Business Management Certificate at Simon Fraser University. Irene is also now a member of the local Toastmasters Chapter.  Each of these diverse job experiences, along with her education, has allowed Irene to develop a set of leadership and relational skills conducive to working in the International field. Irene enjoys spending time with her family especially with her grandchildren. Irene enjoys reading, painting, and spending time outdoors. 



Darci Frigon worked for over 10 years in the financial services industry as an investment executive,  branch manager and ended her career as a vice president with Merrill Lynch Canada. During that time she served and supported a variety of community fundraising campaigns and was on the board of directors of Southridge School. Darci left the corporate arena to devote her time toward the raising of her three children and started working in Christian ministry.  Her ministry work has been focused in the area of discipleship and mentorship through sports, clubs, classes and events.  Darci has served on the board and staff of Discipleship International and is a former student of Regent college.


A proven business leader, Drew Perrin has dedicated his career to improving the use of energy in our world.  He brings more than 25 years of experience in the energy field, including energy in buildings, energy management, and energy product conceptualization, design, and commercialization.  Drew is currently president at Veridyne Power Corporation, an innovative Canadian fuel cell manufacturer, and President at Ecovatec Solutions Inc., a nutraceutical manufacturer.   Drew holds a Bachelor's of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, and A Bachelor's of Education from the University of Western Ontario.  Drew, and his wife Mary Katheryn, are parents to three adult children and Drew has spent many years coaching youth in community sports. He has also been involved in local ministries through Alpha and Discipleship International.



                                                                                                  Kevin Alkema has worked in the field of Medical Devices for almost 20 years.   Currently, he works in the area of Capsule Endoscopy.  Kevin has a passion for helping those in marginalized communities in the areas of healthcare and social entrepreneurship.  As a married father of 4 kids, Kevin enjoys spending time with family, coaching community sports and outreach involvement.   

Kathy Stewart is married and a mother of 3 adult children.  Home and volunteer work have been able to be a priority, which has utilized her skills of organization and detail.  She has enjoyed long-term ministry and board involvement in their church, plus many years spent assisting and supporting the children's school and sports teams, and her husband's business and activities.  She has a passion for service. Kathy enjoys outdoor sports; running and biking; plus the chance to travel, which comes with this new stage of life.