There is such a need for nutritious food in Myanmar.  What do a children's hospital, a cancer hospital, a school for the blind, a village, numerous children's homes, and refugee camps have in common? They all need nutritious food! That is why they are all receiving meals funded by Stand as One Ministry. 

This adds up to 3200 people, and 65,000 meals monthly.

We are very pleased to be offering Alpha-Nutri Soup purchased from Fedwell Foods.  It is super nutritious, easy to prepare and enjoyed by all.  There is more information about this great product on the link below.

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Changing communities one child at a time! 

In Myanmar we are:

  • Supporting 613 children in seven Children Homes
  • Providing school uniforms, school supplies, umbrellas and school fees for 570 children
  • Conducting monthly doctor visits for all the children in the seven homes
  • Providing soy milk to over 700 children daily

Funded by Alpha Private Foundation

Many fish, many happy children! 

We have partnered with a Dallian and SuSu to provide over 900 children in eighteen orphanages with additional food relief. We have purchased 18,000 rohu, common carp and silver carp fingerlings to be grown on the fish farm at Garden Home.

In the spring of 2014 we donated a chicken coop along with 2000 chickens. Because the chicken coop is built over the pond they will provide the much-needed nutrients, reduce the feed bill for the fish and yield eggs for consumption and sale. it is expected that the fish supply will be self-sustaining and the sales at the markets will provide the funds needed for future years of fish food. 

Funded by Alpha Private Foundation

A new school for the village! 

The first school was built in 1980, but because of severe fighting in the area, the school was damaged and the furniture destroyed. Since 2011, the fighting has ceased and the village is now peaceful. We have now rebuilt the school to serve over 200 families in the area. 

Funded by Alpha Private Foundation


Bringing solar to many families!

Six grandmothers from different villages in Mon State made the long trek to the Barefoot College in India to receive six months of training to become solar engineers. At the college, the women learn through listening and memorising. They used colour-coded charts that help them to remember the permutation and combination of the wires without needing to read or write.

Returning to Mon State they installed a solar electricity system in every household in their respective villages.  The women have committed to taking responsibility for all repairs and together, with a village solar committee, they are responsible for managing the grid. Households have agreed to pay a low monthly fee for the electricity, which not only goes toward the salaries of the solar engineers, but also repairs and battery replacement. According to the Myanmar Times, Deputy Minister of Rural Development, U Aung Myint Oo, described the women as “an inspiration”.