Orphans, Soy Beans and Success

We have just received a great update from Willeke Ter Haar on her work with members of the Orphan Care Program and their progress with the Soy Bean Project.  Stand As One has been involved by providing the Farming training.  We are pleased to know our donors have given these young people a nudge towards financial independence.  Each one may end up echoing a school boy's sentiment, "my future looks brighter now!".  Have these classes helped?  Read on!

Daniel leading preseason classes.  


Tengazi Dezoni 

Tengazi is 18. He completed his first season farming on his own and managed to bring in a great profit.  He is quite the entrepreneur and has invested in chickens, and a tomato crop, both of which will bring in a good income in the future.  He won't be stopping at this!



Next we have a young man who is continually improving his situation, to the enjoyment and pride of his mother and grandmother!  He farmed individually this year, with great results, has invested in a goat, has started composting, is being asked by neighbors to make them an energy saving stove like his, and has indulged his passion for art and painting.  Whew! Well done Lenard


Ella Kondwerani

Ella Kondwerani is 14.  She is another young entrepreneur who has benefited from a great crop this year.  She invested in a pig, and a purse and some clothes.  Her desire to do well will result in continued learning and success.


Kingley Kazember

In Kingsley Kazembe we have a young man with dreams. He wants to be an engineer, and with his good math and English skills that dream may come true.  For now he is succeeding in soy farming and is starting to raise chickens. He visits the library and learns even more from the resource books available.  All good steps Kingsley!