We all Need to Feel Success and Purpose.

"Giving with Engagement offers the receiver the opportunity to feel success, sense of purpose and self worth."   

This quote is from Victoria Dix, a Canadian nurse, after her recent visit to Africa.  Her touring of Nkhoma and Kalulu Village cemented in her mind the value of being engaged in the community you want to help.  She saw clearly how Stand As One took the time to understand the needs of the people and how our work to help them meet these needs has resulted in their having a source of food and nutrition, along with accomplishment and pride.  

After visiting several areas in Africa, Victoria and her son Gabe came to Kalulu Village where our contact Karin van Neewen has been implementing "Foundations for Farming".  The gardens themselves were outstanding, but what struck her most was the attitude of the villagers.  She felt she had arrived in a different country!  They stood taller, looked infinitely healthier, and were anxious and proud to show off their tidy, well cared for gardens, THEIR accomplishment. 

The training and ongoing support Stand As One offers impressed her, as they have definitely helped to meet the actual needs of this village.

Excited for School and Support

Myanmar's summer is filled with anticipation of school starting, at least for some destitute children living in the slums.  These families need to be encouraged to send their children to school, however, the basic supplies needed are virtually impossible for them to finance.  

Here is where Angela & William and their Children's Home step in.  The Slum Children's Outreach Program held a program on May 27.  There were 150 children and some parents attending. School supplies were handed out, and all received a nutritious lunch.  Stand As One purchased Alpha-Nutri Soup from Fedwell Foods, all were served, and our thanks was the happy, excited faces and full stomachs.  


Successful Summer Evangelistic Camps

"Dear Sister Irene and Brother Dan,

We hope that you are doing well during these days. Thank you so much
for your financial and prayer support for our Summer Evangelistic Camps
2017 to Shan State and Yangon. Our theme is "Saved by grace through

Summer Evangelistic Camp has been a vital part of our ministry to
bring orphans, children, and youth to Christ and help them prepare
for life. For over eight years, we have been dedicated to the camp ministry
and have reached thousands. It is wonderful in our lives, how God touched His people's hearts to respond to God's love through evangelistic Camps every year.

We carried Fedwell nutrition soup for feeding the children, and they
love it very (very) much.

Once again, our sincere thanks goes to you and Alpha Charity Foundation
for your partnership in our Gospel mission work to share and spread
God's love to different remote villages through camp ministry every

This email came from Angela informing us of the success of their Summer Evangelistic Camps. We will let it and these photos happily speak for themselves.


Summer Holiday Means Kids Camps

It is summer in Myanmar, and for Angela and William, summer holidays means hard work. They are busy providing additional education needed by the orphans and needy slum children.

The Children Center teaches basic English and Grammar and plans to add basic computer skills, sewing, and music. These are skills the children need to provide hope for their future.  They also provide food and share the gospel to teach the children of Christ.

We are so thankful for these willing servants, for the opportunity for Stand As One to provide food from Fedwell Foods, and for the chance to see improvement in these children's lives.


Forever Thankful!

We have received reports from both Karin and Nicole that make us smile.  Both are expressing their joy at the state of the villages and communities that we have been supporting with your donations.

This video shows the community singing their THANKS for our donations and their health.

Nicole let us know that the hunger season is over, and the 50 families we helped were busy harvesting green maize and pumpkins from their gardens.  The 50 families together have 275 children!  Every child received 5 months of maize, soya and beans, plus 2 pieces of soap. Vulnerable infants under 2 years old were given Lactogen baby milk.  Without these supplies, many children would not have survived.

Karin is seeing positive signs in the health of the children in Kalulu Village.  The public health nurse has reported that their health is an exception in the area she works, there is no severe malnutrition; the children's health has dramatically improved in the last 2 years.  The villagers were very happy to receive food in payment for their hard work in preparing the land for planting at the Harvest Centre

All donations are still very welcome as both these teams continue to train all these families to become sustainable.  In the meantime, however, take a moment to realize that these children are thriving and the parents are forever thankful for this!


Imagine for a moment...Having to flee your village because of rocket attacks between dueling factions...fearing for your life... being in refugee camps up to 6 years, no hope of returning home... no roof on your shelter... knowing your children are not getting adequate nutrition.  Just imagine.

Then imagine... love being shown in practical ways...roofs being built...food being given and meals made for you and your family.

Both scenarios are the reality for thousands in refugee camps in Northern Myanmar.  Dan and Simon Thaung were able to travel 1000 miles, with 240,000 servings of Alpha Nutri Soup (10 tons), to 6 camps, where they were also able to bring supplies to build roofs on the shelters.

Stand As One Ministry was able to partner with Fedwell Foods to provide the Alpha Nutri Soup, plus donate towards the roofing costs.  This is why we give.

To help feed families in Myanmar please give to our nutrition program.

From Art to Nutrition


We are so thankful for Sandra Tomchuk, an artist, and friend in South Surrey.  Sandra had a showing of her fabulous paintings for the month of December, promising to donate 50% of her sales to feed needy babies in Malawi.  Three paintings sold, enough to provide 318 meals!

What a "creative" way to help where it's needed.  We thank you Sandra, and our healthier babies thank you!