Stand As One Ministries works in Malawi, Africa.  For several years our focus has been on increasing the health and education in many of the poorest regions. Kalulu Village is one such area, and has been undergoing a transformation.  We are now developing our Harvest Center there.  This is a complex that will house the training programs, for the surrounding villages, that have created the change in this community.  Take a look...


Kalulu Village is an example of a community in crisis.  Karin van Meeuwen was alerted to their extreme poverty.  She has introduced a nutritious, easy to prepare child's meal, has been working on their efficient use of cooking fuel, and engaging the villagers in an ongoing program of farming instruction.  There is now a small schoolhouse, major crop improvement and hope for these families.   See some results of her work...


WHY NOURISH?  On average, 21,000 children die each day worldwide (14 children per minute or 7.6 million children each year) from poverty-related issues. One of the cornerstone effects of poverty is malnutrition. Malnutrition greatly reduces the effectiveness of the immune system, thus increasing the susceptibility to disease while also impairing development (UN/WHO).


Stand as One Ministry is currently helping to provide more than 85 servings each day of baby formula, developed specifically for malnourished children. Beginning in December 2014, we partnered with a local organization, Africare Foundation, and Nicole Van Elteren, to distribute meals to vulnerable babies and toddlers.

Help us nourish by providing for a child. A recurring gift of $30.00 a month allows two children to receive a daily nutritional serving for 30 days.

Your actions are guaranteed to inspire others.

See More about the Baby Home...


In Malawi malnutrition is widespread and nearly half of all children under 5 have stunted growth and development. Soy milk is an excellent source of high-quality protein and contains essential nutrients that help our bodies grow and develop. In July 2014, Stand As One opened a soy factory and started producing non-GMO soy milk daily for 350 orphans and vulnerable children. See more...

As of January 2017 we are now:

  • Feeding over 800 children each day nutritious soymilk
  • employing ten Malawians to produce the soymilk and two workers to deliver by bicycle to the children
  • Contracting and instructing local farmers to provide soybeans for the soy feeding program
  • providing nutrition to promote wound healing to hospitalized burn patients

We invite you to STAND together with us to help end hunger one child at a time! Remember that 100% of what you donate goes to the children.  


Ebenezer Christian School - Nkhoma, Malawi

Sponsor a child and YOU can change the world one child at a time!

Ebenezer Christian School provides good quality education in Nkhoma and has been operating since April 2008. The quality of public education in Malawi is very poor due to the large number of students per class, lack of supplies, and overwhelmed teachers. Want to help make new leaders? See More...

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New schoolrooms for the Ebenezer School

  • 2013 - we built Grade 5 & 6 classrooms
  • July 2014 - Grade 7 classroom  
  • Dec 2014 - Teacher residence
  • Aug 2015 - Teacher residence #2

The schoolrooms and teacher residences were funded by:

Arnie J. Charbonneau Foundation